Special Custom SVG Creation Service

Create UNIQUE Videos
With Your Exclusive Assets, Become The Leader in
Your Industry and Crush Your Competitors With
Your Videos

If you're thinking of a niche that SVG Galaxy doesnt' cover, you're in the right place!

So you're here!

This is the last offer I want to take you to.

But maybe (hopefully), you will have to visit this page more than SVG Galaxy homepage.

Ok, to not waste your time anymore, I'll go straightly.

Do you have local clients in other niches that SVG Galaxy v2 doesn't cover? Dentist, HVAC, car rental...

There are countless local niches that are hiding goldmines out there.

So if you want an exclusive SVG package created for you, I can help.

My flat price is $247 per package, including 10-15 SVGs designed for multiple combination, full color and of course, compatible with YOUR software.

Yes, literally, everything you need!

Don’t Ask What You Will Get,
Because It’s Whatever You Want!
Instead, Ask for How it works!

1. Send me a request

After complete the transaction, you will be dedirected to a page where you can find my personal contact info. Send me the request and I will get back to you to discuss about the works. I don’t use forms or questionaires because it’s absolutely customize and everyone’s project is different.

2. Sit back and wait for magics

After our discussion, I will start processing the raw artworks and I will send them for your review before I start creating the actual SVG.

3. Delivery

After a period of time, normally within a week, depending on the volume of the work, I will deliver all the final files. You can request for source AI files, SVG, EPS, PNG, or any format you want. You get ALL THE RIGHTS for the artworks you purchase from my service. It’s ABSOLUTELY YOURS.

4. Warranty

If for any reason, you want to modify the SVGs such as changing color, line weights or other minor edits, you will get it done for FREE.

Do You Ever Wonder How A SVG Is Made?

Let’s see the process in summary!

Are You Ready To Get YOUR Very Own
SVG Assets That No One Else Has?

This is your chance to take your videos to the next level, with 100% UNIQUE artworks. What else are you waiting for?

There is a thing and I didn’t say. My team has only 2 member, my artist and I. Before I find a team of artists that can work continuously, this offer can be taken down at anytime due to excessive amount of order. So, act now before it’s gone!

SVG Galaxy v2 - Custom Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want another option of custom SVG
A: Email me to fairydawn2812@gmail.com and I'd be happy to discuss what's best for you

Q: What kind of rights do you offer for custom SVGs
A: You can do anything, just like you created them. Sell, giveaway, sell resell rights, or you can even order 10 SVG packages to sell like SVG Galaxy v2. I don't mind that you'll be my competitor.

Q: Aren't you planning to launch more product like SVG Galaxy v2?
A: Of course yes. And I'm not afraid of saturations, because our ideas is unlimited.

Q: Is there a money back guarantee for this offer?
A: You have walked through my funnel so you probably know the quality of my stuffs. SVG Galaxy is my best portfolio and if you like it, there's no reason you're not satisfied with my services. Of course, I will do my best to create artworks that will excite you. However, if you purchase the service and we can't agree on the works, I will process a refund for you.  There will be no refund once we start the actual works.

SVG Galaxy v2 - Custom Service

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